Mindful Yoga in Liverpool

Mindful yoga helps us really feel the deep connection between body and mind.

Our posture, facial expression, muscular tension or relaxation all affect how we feel and think. And our thoughts, emotions and experiences all affect our body.

But often we are so busy thinking - planning, worrying, ruminating - that we forget we even have a body. Until that is, it goes wrong.

Through practices like yoga and mindful movement we can learn to not only appreciate our body more, but gain greater awareness of its subtle signals that something is wrong. In this way, we learn how to re-integrate body and mind for our greater health and wellbeing.

I have a background of more than 30 years practising yoga and almost 20 years teaching it. I bring this experience to my mindfulness practice and teaching. As I have continued to explore I have become more and more interested in the therapeutic uses of yoga and of the simple yet profound nature of mindful movement.


Merseyside yoga classes

These sessions focus on the physical practices or "asanas" of yoga including movements to warm up the body, postures to build and maintain good function and a short relaxation to calm and quieten the mind and release tension from the body.

Sessions vary from week to week , sometimes focussing more on physical postures, sometimes incorporating more breath work or meditation. I aim to create a welcoming, supportive atmosphere and encourage everyone to take their time to explore how yoga can best benefit them. My guiding principle is that yoga is a means to help us connect more deeply with ourselves and others so that we can take what we learn on the mat into our everyday lives.

Above all I hope people will enjoy themselves and come away feeling relaxed, restored and revitalised.

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"I have found Philippa’s classes incredibly uplifting and enjoyable. During a difficult period in my life it wouldn’t be an undersatement to say that the classes have been a god-send. I really warm to Philippa’s way of teaching - it’s so structured, do-able, fresh and creative."

- Lee

"I think this is a great yoga class. There’s a lovely calming atmosphere and Philippa is endlessly supportive and encouraging."

- Ann

"Philippa is an excellent teacher; her lessons are always carefully prepared and well organised and she has the happy knack of creating a friendly, informed, yet purposeful atmosphere. Her yoga classes keep me supple and sane!"

- Anne

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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

Lower back pain is one of the most common stresses needlessly endured by a large proportion of the population. Sitting at computers, stress, driving, manual work, childcare, slumping on the sofa all take their toll on the lower back.

But the good news is that in the majority of cases, you can do something about it. The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course gives you a lifelong tool kit to improve and maintain your back’s health. The progressive, 12-week course is backed by research funded by Arthritis UK at the University of York and widely reported in the media.

The course teaches you how to improve posture, release muscle spasm, improve circulation to the muscles of the back and spine, increase flexibility and strength - and generally to become more body-aware.

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"I enjoyed everything about the course and learned useful stretches for work, advice on posture and overall feel better."

"I didn’t find the exercises too difficult, but they really helped. I am much more conscious about how I should be holding myself, sitting, breathing..."

"It has been a very beneficial set of sessions for a beginner. I feel I have increased flexibility and a greater awareness of the benefits of relaxation."

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Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle and safe option for anyone with an injury or limited mobility.

It doesn’t matter how old you are (we all know it’s how old you feel anyway!) or whether or not you consider yourself fit, everyone can benefit from yoga.

Classes are taken at a slow, relaxed pace with emphasis given to learning how to work with the breath and mobilise stiff areas.

Chair yoga can help relieve arthritis, rheumatism and other conditions that affect mobility as well as decreasing mental tension, calming nerves and promoting better sleep.

We work slowly, with awareness - and hopefully enjoy ourselves too! Above all, the classes provide a chance to meet others in a relaxed, friendly environment.

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Upcoming sessions

Dates for 2019

Yoga sessions
Wednesdays:- 6.30pm - 8pm
Venue: Sara Hall, Rundle Road, Aigburth, L17 0AQ
Price: £9 drop-in

Thursdays:- 10.30am - 12 noon
Venue: St Stephen's Church Hall, Lance Lane/Woolton Rd, Wavertree, L15 6TB
Price: £9 drop-in

Chair Yoga sessions
Mondays:- 10am - 11am
Venue: The Mansion House, Calderstones Park, L18 3JD
Price: £8

Mondays:- 11.30am 12.20pm
Venue: Penny Lane Development Trust, Penny Lane
Price:- £5

Wednesdays:- 11.15am - 12.15pm
Venue: Sara Hall, Rundle Road, Aigburth L17 0AQ
Price:- £5 drop-in

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