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About Pip Bellis

I am a Level III-trained mindfulness practitioner and yoga teacher who loves to help people find greater meaning, satisfaction and ease in their lives.

I love to help people to live their life with more ease, balance and kindness, working with clients in and around Liverpool & Merseyside.

For me that journey began as a teenager when I discovered yoga. Over the years I explored the physical practices with a variety of wonderful teachers and became absorbed by the complexity - and simplicity - of yoga.

Other challenges and experiences came into my life - but yoga continued to be a firm anchor always there to steady me, ever adaptable and rich with teachings. After becoming a yoga teacher I went on to train as a yoga therapist working one-to-one with individuals who wanted more balance in their lives.

I became more and more interested in mindfulness and its potential to transform the way we relate to ourselves and the world. Letting go of the unimportant and awakening to what really matters in a kinder, more patient, tolerant, attentive and forgiving way.

I aim, through the mindfulness courses I run, to provide a safe, welcoming environment where we can explore what it means to be human - with all its challenges and rewards. I also run workshops and courses on the Inner Critic - please see the Blog page and Events page for more on this.

I also run yoga classes where we can explore the body and our relationship to it in a kind and gentle way. Or, if you would prefer the privacy and individual attention of a one-to-one yoga or mindfulness practice, that’s fine too. I am committed to an on-going regular mindfulness practice and attend silent retreats and workshops as part of that process.

CMI training is in keeping with the requirements of the UK network for Mindfulness Based Teacher Trainers. The network requires training with a clear rationale to last for a minimum of 12 months.

Qualifications & training

Level III trained Mindfulness practitioner
Trained by  Clear Mind International

Liverpool-based Mindfulness-based Yoga Therapist
Trained by  Clear Mind International

Registered with the NHS’s Complementary and Natural
Healthcare Council

Member of Mindfulness in Schools Project trained to teach .b and .b Foundations

Mindfulness: Finding Peace in
a Frantic World
Trained by Chris Cullen,
Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Liverpool-based Yoga teacher
Trained by the British Wheel of Yoga

Liverpool-based Yoga for Healthy
Lower Backs tutor
Trained by Alison Trewhela www.yogaforbacks.co.uk

Pregnancy yoga module
British Wheel of Yoga

Pranayama Foundation programme, Trained by Philip Xerri www.yogaquests.co.uk

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