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Mindfulness one to one sessions
£40 per session (1 hr)

Mindfulness-based Yoga therapy sessions
£40 per session (1 hour)

Please note, prices do not include travelling time for home visits.

Mindfulness & yoga therapy one to one sessions

Some people may prefer to work on a one-to-one basis. It might be that you have difficulty getting to a course or want a more flexible arrangement to fit around work or family life. Perhaps you feel the need for some extra support or time to explore specific mindfulness practices.

What is mindfulness?

One-to-one sessions offer:

  • Individual attention
  • More specific and in-depth support
  • Time to work at your own pace
  • Chance to review and adapt your mindfulness practice

I work face-to-face with clients across the Liverpool and Merseyside areas but sessions may also be via Zoom from anywhere!

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Mindfulness-based Yoga therapy sessions

What is yoga therapy?
Yoga therapy combines traditional yoga techniques with modern mindfulness approaches to help you find better health and emotional balance.

Perhaps you’re a busy working mum or a stressed-out professional who longs for some quiet time to de-stress and get in touch with your body. Or maybe you’re getting back to health and prefer the specialised attention that one-to-one sessions offer.

This might include movement, body-based meditation and breath work, mindfulness approaches to explore specific issues, relaxation techniques or lifestyle changes.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of yoga to benefit from these sessions as they will be tailored to suit your condition, age and life circumstances.

Who is it for?
It can be an effective therapy for conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain, breathing disorders, high blood pressure, stiff or sore joints or muscles.

Sessions are held in south Liverpool or in your own home if within a suitable distance.


"Pip offers a calm and inviting space, without pressure, for you to use with her guidance. I attended 1:1 yoga therapy with Pip. Initially this practice was focussed on a particulr area of body discomfort, before moving to a more holistic goal of mindfulness and movement. I found Pip's carefully chosen words and gentle movements stayed with me after the session. Informing the days and weeks post session, on how ultimately the practice of self care and being kind can become part of my real everyday experience. Pip's invaluable recordings and practice sheets continue to be part of my tool kit today.
"Pip is a joy to be guided alongside, with compassion, empathy and humour; it feels easy to remember this is your space to use and to build a trusting relationship with Pip."

"I have noticed that my abdomen hasn’t felt so tight - and I’ve used breath awareness while travelling on the bus and train."

"The movements helped me feel strong, positive and empowered and I like the fact that I am taking time to look after myself."

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