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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness could be the start of a new way of living your life

Mindfulness encourages us to consciously pay attention to our thoughts and feelings in a warm and patient way. As we become more aware of them, we can learn to become less caught up in them and better able to manage them, eventually cultivating happiness and contentment.

Because of the demands of daily life, we are often distracted and lost in thoughts about the past or rehearsing future events while spending very little time actually in the present. Worry, distraction, stress, anxiety, or depression can become our habitual way of relating to the world.

While not denying the difficulties and pain that are a natural part of being human, mindfulness helps us to gain more balance and perspective. We begin to recognise the things that really nourish us and develop a kinder, more accepting attitude towards ourselves and others.

This powerful, transformative practice is always available to us. At any time we can pause and choose to be present. Taking part in a mindfulness course helps you to pay attention and in doing so, find more peace. The course could be the starting point to a new way of living your life.

Who is it for?

People of all ages and walks of life come to mindfulness for a variety of reasons including stress, anxiety, depression, pain or illness. You may want to come to terms with changing life circumstances or simply want to deepen your happiness and appreciation of life.

Please get in touch with Philippa to discuss the best approach for you.

We work with people across the Liverpool and Merseyside areas

About Pip Bellis
I am a level III mindfulness practitioner and yoga teacher who loves to help people find greater meaning, satisfaction and ease in their lives.

Does stress or anxiety impact your happiness?

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