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Peaceful co-existence

Humans and animals finding ways to live in harmony Planet Earth III

There is enough venom in one bite from a cobra to kill up to ten people, Sir David Attenborough tells us in Planet Earth III.

Yet in a village in India, where cobras are revered and considered demigods, humans and snakes co-exist in harmony. We see a  mother and her toddler serenely watching a cobra glide by as they sit on a doorstep; a curious dog gives it a gentle sniff as it slithers by; people and snakes sharing the same space peacefully.

And remarkably, we are told, scientists believe that this acceptance has led to a change in the snakes’ behaviour.

They move more slowly and are less likely to strike if they are disturbed.

Sir David tells viewers: “One of the most feared animals on the planet has found a place where they are accepted and can co-exist with human beings.”

What a telling and beautiful reminder to us all of the transformational power of acceptance and non-violence.

You can see more of this facinating episode of Planet Earth III by clicking on this link:

Stock image thanks to beatebasenau from Pixabay
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