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'Mindfulness isn't the mystery I thought it was'

Haybergill weekend - a perfect transition to autumn

The Haybergill Centre in Cumbria was the setting for our October Mindfulness and Yoga weekend.

The centre, near Appleby-in Westmorland, Cumbria, provided such a welcoming venue with delicious home-cooked food providing a much-appreciated support for our practice of mindfulness and yoga.

Here's what some of the particpants said:

"A fantastic venue. All the home comforts but no chores."

"It was good to have time to reflect. I gained confidence in being "in the moment". I have always found mindfulness  difficult but this weekend I have become more familiar with it and it banished some myths....maybe I can practise it now!

"It was such a well-balancec course. And the staff were lovely - so welcoming and friendly - very homely - especially the dogs! I also enjoyed the walks - it couldnt have been better."

"I learnt that mindfulness isn't the mystery I thought it was - it's simply a route to inner peace. It has encouraged me to make yoga and meditation/mindfulness more a part of my day to day life.

"The food was absolutely magnificent - I've bought the recipe book. And the venue was lovely and tranquil."

"It was wonderful to work in a group in such stillness and to practise meditation with others. I learnt so much from the breathwork with the exercises and it was good to work so slowly and mindfully.

"The course was beautifully and sensitively led. And the venue was perfectly suited for the purpose, beautiful and peaceful - loved it."

"I really enjoyed the company of the group. I feel very well rested, refreshed, relaxed, re-charged - a mixture of the sessions and fresh air, walks and good food..

The things that stuck out are slowing down and beginner's mind and letting go of assumptions I make about myself."

"Interesting discussions on mindfulness. A lot of it was new to me. It taught me how to achieve more calm in my life."

About Pip Bellis
I am a level III mindfulness practitioner and yoga teacher who loves to help people find greater meaning, satisfaction and ease in their lives.

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