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Epicure Potatoes

Small acts of love

A yoga student told recently how in the run up to his 94thbirthday, his dad told the family: “Please don’t get me any presents – I don’t need anything.”

This got Pat thinking. He remembered how much his dad loved Epicure potatoes and decided to grow some on his allotment. On his dad’s birthday, Pat bagged up a good crop fresh from the earth and handed over the present.

He described with a grin how his dad’s: “I told you not to get me anything!” turned to delight when he saw that  the bag contained his favourite potatoes. He leapt from his chair, filled a pan with water, boiled up some of the spuds and served them with fresh mint and butter for all the family. What could be better! Potatoes fresh from the ground – grown with love.

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I am a level III mindfulness practitioner and yoga teacher who loves to help people find greater meaning, satisfaction and ease in their lives.

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