Mindfulness in schools
.b Foundations

Training for teachers and staff

I teach .b Foundations which is an eight-week training course for teachers and staff who wish to learn the foundations of mindfulness.

There is growing evidence about the potential benefits of mindfulness for children and the UK Mindful Nation Report published by the All Party Parliamentary Group recommended that Mindfulness becomes available in schools.

But to bring mindfulness to young people, it is important to begin with the teachers and staff. By putting on their own oxygen masks through a course such as .b Foundations, staff can experience mindfulness and boost their own wellbeing.

The curriculum .b Foundations (pronounced ‘dot-be’) has been carefully crafted by Mindfulness in Schools Project to be accessible and effective for busy staff in a workplace setting.

It aims to help teachers and staff use mindfulness to:

  • Feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled
  • Get on better with others, including pupils and colleagues
  • Work more effectively by bringing increased awareness to the process
  • Increase resilience in the face of stress and difficulties

Training for students

I am also trained to teach .b - the MiSP curriculum for secondary school students. This 10-week course aims to make mindfulness engaging, useful and fun for young people aged 11 to 18. The curriculum is called .b which stands for ‘Stop, Breathe and Be’.


Arrange a taster for staff and teachers

A taster session is a good way to start bringing mindfulness into your school.

It should dispel myths about mindfulness and offer a chance to try out some practices. It will also explain the evidence for its benefits and set out what an eight-week course entails along with the proviso that commitment and patience are required.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a taster session.

If a group of staff wish to explore mindfulness further, I offer the 8-week .b Foundations course.

If you would like to book a .b course for your students, sports club or for small groups in other youth-related settings, please contact me.


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