Getting into the Green Zone

Practices to soothe the nervous system

The aftermath of the pandemic and the on-going challenges it presents can put a strain on the nervous system leaving us feeling irritable, anxious or overwhelmed.


At times like this, as in any other challenging situation,  it becomes more important than ever to look after ourselves. Yet we may feel too busy, too worried, or simply unmotivated to do the very things that help us feel better.


This on-line programme will help you tap into the body’s own potential to self-soothe and replenish so that you feel ready to serve and support others.


Each week we will meet on Zoom and there will be short practices to try at home. We’ll look at the physiology of stress and how we can recalibrate. We’ll explore together what works for you – helping you find your own unique toolkit to feel more at ease – physically and mentally.


The practices will include mindfulness and yoga techniques as well as a dip into other practices to bring us into the “green zone” – the emotion regulation system involved with calming and soothing.

The programme is suitable for those with no experience of mindfulness or yoga as well as those who are already practitioners.

Dates: November 9, 16, 23, Dec 7 & 14

Time: 6.15pm – 7.30pm

Investment: £50

On-line on Zoom

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